The National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), founded in 1954, was the first mass organization of women where women from all walks of life – educated and uneducated, all sections of rural, urban, middle class and working class and of all faiths, regions and cultures came together to raise the status of women in free India and build an egalitarian, just, humane and peaceful society.

The distinguishing feature of NFIW’s work has been its multidimensional approach that combines mobilization for awareness raising, mass campaigns around all issues and developments that impact women’s lives with such constructive work projects as adult literacy centres,  production units for needy women, training for employment, free legal aid for victims of violence and social oppression. The NFIW state units have built Working Women’s Hostel and running Balwadis and Creches.
The organization has a proud record of doing selfless and dedicated relief work during times of natural as well as human made calamities. NFIW has a long history of struggle to fight for women’s rights, equality and emancipation.

NFIW plays an important role in pressurizing the Central Governments of different times to bring in gender sensitive laws= Hindu code Bill 1956, dowry prohibition Act 1961, Maternity entitlement Act, Child Marriage Prevention Act, Domestic Violence Prevention Act, NG NREGA, RTI, NFSA etc.

At one hand it fights against feudal values of patriarchal structures and on the other hand NFIW believes that social justice for women is linked with greater economic and inclusive growth of the economy. NFIW is in the forefront of the campaign for Women’s Reservation Bill. It carries forward the women’s struggle for economic independence, social emancipation and political empowerment.
Women are the worst sufferers o f communalism, fundamentalism, casteism and terrorism.  NFIW is committed to building communal harmony and upholding freedom of religion for all faiths. It is committed to fighting communal, fundamentalist forces of all hues.

 NFIW’s ceaseless work to bring together a large number of women’s organizations and women’s rights groups to work unitedly has contributed to the vibrancy of women’s movement in India and made many gains and victories.